Know About Eczema

What is eczema and its causes?

Eczema, is an inflammation condition of the skin. Eczema can cause a wide range of symptoms.

All types of eczema cause itching, with the exception of Seborrhea (A chronic inflammatory disease of the skin characterized by the accumulation of scales of greasy skin).

The main symptoms (one or all may be present) include: Redness, weeping skin, pain, heat, tenderness, scaling, crusting, dryness, fissures (broken skin), and vesicles (small blisters).

Over time, damage to the epidermis (the upper layer of the skin) can cause it to thicken and become scaly (lichenification).

Common causes of eczema

  1. Dry Skin:
  • Climate: Winter and excess sweating etc.
  • Long frequent hot showers
  • Staph infection (and other microbes)
  1. Food Allergy in infants
  2. Irritants:
  • Soap, detergents
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Clothing: Wool, synthetic fibers
  1. Environmental Allergens (hose dust mites, pollen, pets)
  2. Emotional Stresses (school exams, work pressures, relationship problems)
  3. Iatrogenic: Irritant or allergic contact dermatitis to topical treatment.
  4. Hormonal: Pregnancy and menstrual cycle.